Senator Olajide Ipinsagba, representing Ondo North Senatorial District, conducted a fumigation exercise in Afin community today to combat a harmful insect infestation.

Led by Hon. Ojo Omosulu, Senator Ipinsagba’s Community Intervention Team arrived with medical equipment, chemicals, and personnel to carry out the fumigation process.

The community welcomed the delegation with joy and relief, recognizing the end of their struggle with the insects. Chief Saliu Bello, the Elewele of Afin Akoko, expressed gratitude on behalf of the community and the royal father. He praised the Senator for his prompt response, noting that several letters had been sent to address the issue, and Senator Ipinsagba responded immediately.

High Chief Aliu Adegoke, the Elejegun of Afin, also voiced his appreciation for the Senator’s efforts, emphasizing the importance of a healthy living environment for the community. He offered prayers for the Senator’s continued well-being.

Mr. Babarinde William Adekunle, who helped make the infestation video go viral on social media, expressed satisfaction with the Senator’s intervention. Saint Mayowa, President of the Akoko North West Youths Forum, also thanked the Senator for his swift action, underscoring the importance of health for Afin residents.

The fumigation process, conducted by professionals, quickly showed positive results, bringing relief to the people of Afin community.

Prince Adeyinka Ajagunna
S.A. Media and Communication to Senator Olajide Ipinsagba

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