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It’s no more news, that the Federal government approved some roads constructions which have been facilitated even before 2019. Thus, the Ajagbale drainage and road construction was not left out, which was eventually completed in 2021.

The residents of Ajagbale ofcourse were happy for this intervention which has been approved for a long time. It is of noteworthy, that the entire residents appreciated an influential personality a professor of repute who has a farmland in the area, that influenced the fast tracking of the road construction.

On the other hand, we all heard a different version of the facilitation, which made people to believe that the current MHR, Honourable Abiola Makinde was the brain behind it, this is an ill conceived rumour that is now a clear fallacy to everyone in Ondo Kingdom.

If everyone would recall, that on the few projects facilitated by Hon. Makinde, he will never leave out the public display of his name, just to create attention of taking the glory, likewise, it was learnt that he also claimed to have built a primary school in the same Ajagbale community.

Now the question is this, if truly Hon. Makinde has facilitated the road construction, why was his name left out on the sign post which described the details of the road construction, just as it is not new to know he has always compulsorily add his name to the very few ones he facilitated?

Second, if truly Hon. Makinde was the brain behind the drainage and the road construction, why didn’t he ensure that it was extended to the primary school built (Constituency Project) as claimed by him, realizing that the road that led to the primary school is the worse route in the whole Ajagbale community!

However, after meeting with the residents of the Ajagbale community, it was disclosed that Hon. Makinde never came to the community to disclose to them regarding the road construction even afterwards. But they only felt he was the brain behind it all because he is the current MHR, also they have severally called and expected him to come around and ensure the road construction extends to the primary school, but unfortunately, all was to no avail.

The truth can never be hidden for a long time, it’s just like a smoke, it will find it’s way to the open space. Hence, it is not only shameful but embarrassing to the people of the community, that the MHR who is expected to be a man of integrity and worthy character, could be a symbol of scam. Hon Makinde has severally displayed to people that he’s not a man that can be reliable on the template of honesty, and that is why even beyond Ondo west, the good people of Ondo East has also agreed to rather give room to someone who is of enviable character to lead them, as they insist on rejecting self acclaimed APC leader this will serve as a deterrent to others who might want to also play on the intelligence of the people who entrust them with leadership..

A good name is better than gold or silver, We as a people, takes character seriously and guard our reputation jealously. We will ensure the public image of this enviable character the Ondo people are known for continue. On this note, we the entire residents of Ajagbale requests and demands an unreserved apology from the MHR for thinking his adopted style of fooling the people, the way he’s used to will continue. We will resist this with our votes, being truthful is a virtue!

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