Ajulo Lauds Aiyedatiwa Leadership Quality

A renowned legal luminary and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Dr. Kayode Ajulo SAN, OON, has lauded the governance style of Ondo State Governor, Mr. Lucky Aiyedatiwa, asserting that the governor has showcased exceptional leadership within a month of assuming office.

Ajulo remarked, “The governor has demonstrated that good governance is not a herculean task to deliver and has achieved, in the space of a month, what some governors cannot achieve in their entire time in office.”

Ajulo, addressing journalists in Abuja on Saturday, expressed admiration for Aiyedatiwa’s extraordinary approach to governance and embrace of the rule of law by respecting the court’s Order on the matter of the hurriedly constituted local government administration, emphasizing that if the governor maintains this momentum, there might be no room for a new occupant in Alagbaka come 2024.

He commended the governor’s reassurance to the people, stating that Aiyedatiwa’s focus on genuine concern for citizens’ welfare, rather than political manoeuvres, has restored the hope of the people of the State and reignited their active participation in the State’s governance.

“The man they tried to relegate as a novice turns out to be the one who knows better.” Ajulo said.

In praising the governor’s consultative ability, Ajulo remarked, “This was a man that was taken to Golgotha, humiliated as they wanted but still gave his detractors another chance to prove themselves amidst mounting calls for their dissolution before he did the needful in the interest of the State’s development.”

Ajulo further highlighted Aiyedatiwa’s inclusive government and consultative leadership, particularly in the last few appointments made. He noted that the governor’s approach reflects the exemplary character and consultative skills of a seasoned teacher that he is, stating that Ondo State workers should be happy.

Urging more accountability and transparency in government, Ajulo called for a review of the public office holders of the last administration, stressing the need for a proper handover to prepare an open ground for their predecessors to perform at an optimum level.

“There must be a proper review and scrutiny of some appointees of the last government and their offices to ensure accountability, with consequences, either good or bad to encourage people to do good and deter those who are planning to visit the State with more evil.

“If this is not done, it would be easier for people to do the business of government as they desire, and those who have plundered and fraudulently looted the State’s resources in the past will be emboldened to come back to seek government positions,” said Ajulo, a holder of National honour of Officer of Order of the Niger, OON.

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