Atunluse sets to adopt a political party

By John Kayode

A Socio Cultural/Political organisation, Atunluse Initiatives has said they are ready to work with any political party that has people oriented programmes in its plan as the 2023 General Election draw nearer.

The position was taken at the organization’s leadership meeting held in Akure, the state capital on Sunday 19th Feb, 2023.

The Atunluse Initiatives is a big umbrella with members cut across the 36 States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

In his welcome address the Chairman of Atunluse Initiatives, Otunba Akinsola Akinbobola , explained that the organization stands for building a better Nigeria, where masses would have access to affordable health care, qualitative education and other basic amenities that bring comfort to human life

Akinbobola said that the leadership of the organisation will recognize and work with any political party that respects what Atunluse stands for, which is a birth of a New Nigeria that will recognise the need for a better society where human lives and comfortable living matter a lot to all and sundry.

According to him, the Labour party and New Nigeria Peoples Party NNPP have sought the Initiative’s support.

“We are going to x-ray both parties and adopt the one that share the same ideology with our organization. We shall also consult with some respectable leaders across the nation before deciding

He said Nigeria needed to be re -engineered to become a better place, reiterating that Atunluse Initiatives stands for creation of better life for the masses.

The chairman added that Nigeria has been divided more than ever before, saying, “there is no more love existing between various individuals and clans in the country.”

He said:”We started getting it wrong from various Individual homes, religious places and leadership institutions including government.”

According to him, the society enjoys celebrating affluence without verifying the source of such wealth. It’s very obvious and glaring
that government don’t care about the people anymore.

“Politicians are only thinking of how to enrich themselves without considering the negative impact on the masses, we no longer have united Nigeria”.

“We must start thinking of breaking this hardship circle in Nigeria, by doing what is right, reject their money on elections day and vote for candidates with credibility and capability to deliver.

“Nigerians used to live in a friendly community, but love has been lost in our society, peace has no where to stay, every body is now running helter skelter for survival,” he concluded.

The Coordinator of the organisation, Mr Shalom Olaseni, urged members of Atunluse to remain focused, saying,” a better Nigeria is possible if we can all do away with tribalism, ethnicity, nepotism and other negative vices.”

Olaseni assured the members that the leadership of the organisation will not lead them astray.

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