Happy birthday to an iconic, Courageous, indefatigable and wonderful Leader. Thank you for being the best leader we could wish for, and for your unfaltering effort and support.

It’s such an honor to be able to share and be a part of your birthday
celebrations, as you are one of the greatest political minds around as Ondo State is concerned and the entire federation.

The entire AYOTIDE CAMPAIGN ORGANIZATION with youth and good people of Ondo State in home and diaspora joined your well wisher to celebrate and felicitates with you and humbly pray for you of long life and prosperity in good health and sound mind, promotions, fame, congratulations and power.

With so much care and grace from the depth of your mind, the team (AYOTIDE CAMPAIGN ORGANIZATION), Youths and Students with good people of sunshine State express there gratitude for the unwavering commitment and dedication, and wishing a landmark victory on the forthcoming primary Election and also a flag bearer of All Progressive Congress (APC).

In the recent time, you have consistently leads us towards success and many great triumphs!, as we are wishing happy birthday to our favourite political leader, we want you to believe that we are all behind you and you have our full support.

We are wishing the best birthday to the very best role model. You are an inspiration and leading light AMB. Dr. Victor AYODEJI ORITEDI MCIM(USA), FCIISM, MHIM, SRF-ICRED, The Gubernatorial Aspirant of Ondo State 2024, Election.

Happy blessed birthday once again Sir.

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