Break Chains Of Sycophancy, Dr. Olaseni Charges Nigerians 

Nigerians have been charged to break the chains of sycophancy and empower the citizens to be active contributors  and build a country where governance will not be a distant concept but a live reality,responsive to the needs of all.

The Executive Director, United Global Resolve For Peace (UGRFP), Dr Shalom Olaseni stated this while delivering a lecture at the Inauguration of G18 executives and Public Lecture with the theme: “Good Governance and Responsive Leadership,…Relevant Solution to Development and Good Followership”.

He said prevalence of sycophancy in the Nigeria political landscape has been a curse, creating an insulated bubble around leaders who remain oblivious to the challenges facing the masses, saying sycophantic culture is clog on the wheel of development.

Olaseni noted that good governance, leadership and followership are complicated issues that demand our  collective attention and commitment, saying Nigeria is currently at the crossroads. 

He added that the current situation in the nation requires a mental shift, where leaders and followers recognize their mutual responsibility for national development.

He disclosed that establishing a crucial relationship between good leadership and followership is important, adding that effective leadership is not a one -way.

The State Coordinator of Atunluse initiatives said it’s high time Nigerians stopped misunderstanding followership for passive obedience, saying collective action require active  participation and contribution to share goals .

He said: “Together we can embark on journey that can transform our socio-political rhetoric into reality , paving the way for a future marked by prosperity, equity and sustainable progress”. 

In his welcome address, the state Chairman of G18 , Otunba Akinsola Akinbobola said the organisation is apolitical, saying they are pressure group with various interest that believes in good governance, right leadership that can deliver the best for all, with membership cutting across the whole eighteen local government areas of the state. 

Akinbobola added that the group stands for  excellence in governance, irrespective of political leaning and with main focus of making welfare of the people priority and development of the land as a key factor.

According to him, “leadership of impeccable characters and status are main ingredient for sustainability of any policies of government. 

” That is why we are not going to allow Ondo State who has been at the fore front of development to suddenly nose- dive into the mulky  mud of political jobbers and opportunist.”

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