Disregard 14Days Ultimatum Issue By Attention Seekers, Ondo State Ex- Agitators Urge Presidential Amnesty Office

By John Kayode

The leadership of the third phase presidential Amnesty program Ondo State chapter has strongly advised the new administrator of PAP, Major Gen. Barry Ndiomu(Rtd) not to take seriously the attention seeking ultimatum by one Julius Joseph and cohort calling for the sack of some officers of the committee, threatening mayhem.

The Ondo State chapter PAP in statement signed available to newsmen in Akure by their chairman Okoro Epiri, Vice Chairman Ogundele Olarotimi, Secretary, Serum Posi, Adviser ,Fiyebo Jakimu

According to the statement, “the threat is unwarranted, toothless and worthless as emanating from an unrecognized disgruntled entities who have lost all sane measure and lawful means to connect with the present committee.

The ex-warlords from Ondo State who spoke through their chairman, Okoro Epiri of the third phase stated unequivocally that NO regard whatsoever should be accorded to this saboteurs, seeking needless opportunities through inglorious means from the new administrator in order to gain bewildered attention to complete their failed evil activities they perpetrated during various past administrations and now intended to further indulge in spurious agenda which have lost taste in PAP’s administration.

Recall that, the unknown group upon inundated themselves with various financial fraud and particularly mismanagement of about 500 slots meant for the entire third phase by the defunct Julius Joseph leadership, which slots they have not accounted for till date, that led the then Prof. Charles Dokubo’s administration to de-recognise Julius Joseph and his co-travellers from representing third phase, who now wants to come from the back door with this present gimmick to derail the smooth take off of the present administration in a view to thwart the pending investigation of sharp practices labelled against Julius Joseph and his men who shall not escape culpability of their wrong doings.

The statement added that neither the head of integration nor the CSO, Mr Rebbi have committed any offence to warrant the issuance of the alleged ultimatum and the sack demand, so much that the leadership of Tonye Bobo and persons invited to the meeting at Portharcut, Rivers State by the officers are genuine and more than qualified for that meeting, particular of interest is that Mr Tonye Bobo and all invitees were those previously recognized by past PAP administrations.

“Importantly, we urge Major Gen Barry(Rtd) to disregard their spurious claims as same is unfounded, malicious and ill fated in it’s entirety.

In the circumstance, we call on law enforcement agencies to arrest, investigate and prosecute persons, group(s) bent on truncating the existing peace in the Niger Delta region, particularly now that election are approaching and government is doing everything humanly possible to raise the production level of crude oil in the oil rich Niger Delta to sustain the this Lauderdale program. We, the leadership of third phase Ondo chapter are vehemently opposed to the call for a new meeting by this errant group wandering and roving around Julius Joseph. The is because same is tantamount to repetition of effort by PAP, unnecessary, needless and will now impose avoidable cost on the committee that is struggling to meet it’s financial needs, even though we are not opposed to the continuous and regular engagement by the administrator, Major Gen. Barry Ndiomu’s(Rtd) leadership to leave imprint of lasting development and maintenance of the existing peace in the region.

“Pertinently, we as law abiding ex-fighters from Ondo State having laid down arms we will not issue needless threats nor resort to violence in our continuous engagement with the new administrator rather will cooperate with Major Gen. Barry’s administration in doing everything necessary to achieve his vision. We equally pledge our unalloyed and continuous loyalty to the leadership of Mr Tonye Bobo as National Chairman of the third phase ex-agitators, Hon. Birinumughan Jesse, a.k.a Gen 90 as vice Chairman, Okolobawei Royal as National treasurer and Great Francis, P.R.O respectively”

“Finally, we the third phase leadership of Ondo State by this medium once again gladly congratulate Major General Barry Ndiomu(Rtd) on his appointment as interim administrator by president Mohamadu Buhari(Rtd) and wish him a peaceful regime”, the statement read.

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