Dr Felix Kehinde (DFK) at Ondo West PDP Meeting, Promises to Run Participatory Representation

By John Kayode

Dr Felix Kehinde (DFK), the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for Ondo East/West Federal Constituency in the forthcoming general elections, has said that a system where the voice of the majority is silenced will soon become a thing of the past, if elected.

Speaking at Ondo West PDP Local Government meeting on Sunday, Dr Kehinde reiterated the essence of having a vibrant lawmaker who will have the interest of the masses at heart at all times.

According to him, “My agenda in the national assembly will be to ensure that our people have a say in the critical policies that will affect their lives. I will always consult with my constituents to get their needs and act on them from time to time. I am going to Abuja to represent all, regardless of political party affiliation”.

DFK, an internationally trained medical specialist, thoroughbred Ondo son and community leader, also outlined his priorities for the constituency and Nigeria which include women empowerment, skills acquisition, education, restructuring and universal health coverage, among others.

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