Gov Uzodimma Immortalize late boxer Igboanugo, takes charge of family welfare

By John Kayode

The Executive governor of Imo state, His Excellency Senator Hope Uzodimma has Immortalized the late Imo boxer Chukwuemeka Igboanugo who died in active service.

Late Igboanugo died during a boxing bout at the 21st national sports festival Asaba 2022 in Delta state and was buried at Ogwa his home town by the state government on the 2nd of February 2023.

The state government through the ministry of youth, sports and social development has gone ahead to Immortalize him by naming the boxing ring at the indoor sports gym Dan Anyiam stadium after him.

The State government further went ahead to fund the burial expenses and also completed the building in his home town the Athlete started.

In other to cushion the effect of the loss on the family, Governor Uzodimma through the Ministry of Youth and Sports released an undisclosed sum of money to the bereaved widow and also to the parents.

The kind hearted Governor didn’t end it there, he went beyond that by extending the welfare package to his children by taking charge of their education and also giving the widow immediate employment at the local government.

In an exclusive interview with Statesman newspaper sports correspondent, the Imo state Commissioner for Youth, Sports and Social development Honourable Emeka Okoronkwo confirmed the welfare package to the Family of the late boxer.

“ The state Government is in great pain that we lost a Gallant boxer like Chukwuemeka Igboanugo.

His Excellency is expressing his condolence with the family, the entire state and of course the sports commission for the demise of Igboanugo.

Chukwuemeka died in Asaba where he went to represent the state at National sports festival.

The state Government has taken up everything concerning his burial. They have shown commitment, passion and love to the sport commission. I think they have gone beyond this, one important thing is immortalizing him, naming the boxing ring after him, which has not been done in the state.

If you get to his place, the bungalow house he started while he was alive, the state Government has completed that house.

It is a thing of Joy for them, though sorrowful that he might not be in the house.

The state Government also promised the family some Cash gift, just to keep them and help start something especially the young widow and the parents.
The widow has been given employment at the local Government service commission at mbaitolu local Government just to help her go from the house.

Apart from that, the state Government is also helping the children, they are looking forward to making sure the children don’t regret the death of the father.

Going down to the burial the state Government has taken charge of everything that needs to be done, The Government is fully represented.

The Governor would have been there if not for an urgent assignment in Abuja last night and the whole cabinet is there and every other thing that the family may desire is well taken care of in order to make them forget a little bit of the death of Chukwuemeka Ignoanugo.” Okoronkwo concluded.

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