Impeachment: Don’t Be Used To Scuttle Relative Peace In Ondo OCM Urges ODHA

Ondo State Conscience Movement (OCM), an apolitical organisation on Tuesday urged Ondo State House of Assembly not to allow itself to be tainted with political witch-hunts or targeted vendettas.

The charge came on the heels of the house’s plan of impeachment against the deputy governor of the state, Mr Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

OCM Coordinator, Mr Shalom Olaseni in a statement issued in Akure said that actions regarding the impeachment process must be in strict compliance with Constitutional provisions.

The Ondo State House of Assembly served Aiyedatiwa an impeachment notice through substituted service on Monday.

According to Olaseni, the group represents the voices of concerned citizens and is deeply committed to upholding the principles of democracy and the rule of law in Ondo State and beyond.

He stated that the group deemed it appropriate in the interest of justice and posterity to present its position on the political drama and debacle that had engulfed the state lately.

“We insist that the grounds for the impeachment of Aiyedatiwa must in itself be unimpeachable.

“The impeachment process must also be firmly rooted in identifiable ultra vires actions that the Constitution explicitly outlines as legitimate grounds for impeachment.

“It is our unwavering belief that the legislature should not allow itself to be tainted with political witch-hunts or targeted vendettas as has been rumoured in various quarters in the state.

“We believe that the lawmakers’ powers must be wielded with utmost consciousness of their representative capacity on behalf of the people of Ondo State, rather than being exercised flimsily and on a whim.

“We implore the Assembly to consider that the speed, focus, and determination with which the impeachment agenda is being pursued could have been effectively channelled to address genuine issues of governance,’’ Olaseni stated.

He added that the movement remained committed to ensuring that justice, transparency, and the rule of law prevailed in Ondo State.

“We call on all stakeholders within and outside Ondo State to join in this noble cause to safeguard democracy and ensure that Ondo State thrives as a beacon of good governance,” he stressed.

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