By John Kayode

Moyero FC scouting tournament, in collaboration with Sunshine Stars FC is up and running in Akure, with more than 250 players from over 13 teams keen to impress the visiting scout from Switzerland.

Four matches were played on Monday as Sunshine Stars A, Propel FA of Jos, Da Faria of Lagos, Tico FA, Olukismet FC, Gateway FA, Agbana and Weli-Weli showcased their players before the Swiss-Italian man at the Ondo State Sports Complex.

After the morning games the Moyero group and the scout were at the State Ministry of Sports for a meeting with the Commissioner, Hon. Dele Ologun, where the Swiss-Italian man expressed readiness to strengthen ties with Sunshine Stars to transform the Club economically.

Honourable Dele Ologun who was also on ground at the stadium for all the matches, stressed the importance of the scouting programme while speaking with Sports Writers during one of the games interval.

The Commissioner for Youth and Sports stated: “this is what we are talking about; football is a big business and should be seen and treated as such. We have a partnership with Moyero FC and today there is an expatriate around as a result. He is here to see the talents we have in the state.”

“Most of these players need exposure and with this, some of them will go abroad and they could be anything tomorrow; I tell who cares to listen that we still have more of Kanu Nwankwo, J.J Okocha and the likes in Ondo State. We just want to implore sport loving people within and outside Ondo State to come and support us in any area they deem fit; we are ready for all kind of partnership to develop sports in the State.”

On his part, the CEO of Moyero FC, Mr Lanre Moyero expressed satisfaction with the intent of players and the team involved in the tourney so far, before highlighting the growth from his previous scouting programmes.

“We have started well and from all indications there is will on the part of this talented footballers to put themselves into the limelight. Yes, the high number of participating teams is an expansion on the previous outings, and it’s an impression that people are seeing football as a means of sustenance and this brought about our partnership with Sunshine Stars.

“As an indigene of Ondo State Sunshine Stars is also my team, so I want to contribute my own quota to the success of the team by way of this partnership which will see to their growth in times of income and sporting competitiveness.” Moyero said.

Also on ground to follow the evening matches is the the General Manager of the Ondo State Sports Council, Mr Henry Babatunde who experessed delight at the impact of the programme on the State’s sports ecosystem.

The Head of Operations, Moyero Group and former member of the Nigeria Premier League board, Hon. Akinbobola shared the sentiments of Mr Babatunde, after speaking on the Moyero – Sunshine Stars collaboration when faced with the media.

The two time Sunshine Stars administrator noted: “the partnership with Sunshine Stars is going to be enduring, like I have said there will be scouts from Egypt in two-week’s, before the end of the year we are going to go a training tour and another programme coming up in January. So it is not a one-off thing be a lasting one.

“It’s a win-win for us in Ondo State and the end of the day the we are hoping that the scout, who is of international repute will take some players that are of Ondo State origin and resident abroad. Ultimately they will go and we pray they conquered so they come back to develop our state with whatever they must have made. So in all ramifications it’s a win-win.”

The scouting tournament continues on Tuesday with the following fixtures:

Sunshine Stars B vs. Moyero – 8:am
Adeleke Dada FC vs. Da Faria – 9:30am
Agbana vs. Wonder Xchange – 3:30pm
Sunshine Stars A vs. Muyi – 4:30pm

Credit – Chris Okunnuwa

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