The Nigeria Premier Football League and digital broadcasting company Startimes Nigeria have signed an exclusive five-year deal to broadcast the Nigeria Premier League.

The NPFL will now be available for television broadcast as part of a significant development. The five-year broadcasting deal with StarTimes is worth in excess of N1.60 billion

Starting on November 18th, two games from the NPFL will be televised for viewers to watch via the StarTimes decoder and mobile application. This means that football enthusiasts can enjoy live coverage of select matches on their TV screens, providing them with an opportunity to follow their favourite teams closely.

Moreover, beginning on February 18, 2024, the television coverage will expand, with four games being broadcast for the following two years. This enhancement in coverage ensures that more NPFL matches will be accessible to a broader audience.

In a further expansion of the broadcasting initiative, there are plans to televise eight matches for the subsequent three years. This extended coverage indicates a commitment to promoting the NPFL and increasing its visibility in the sports media landscape.

This positive development is anticipated to have a significant impact on the league, potentially attracting a larger viewership, increased sponsorship opportunities, and a boost in the popularity of Nigerian football.

The NPFL’s journey is poised to be shaped positively by this new broadcasting arrangement.


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