Ogunwumiju Commissions Constituency Office, Empowers Hundreds Of Constituents With Business Funding

Ondo, Nigeria – June 20, 2024 In a significant stride towards community development and empowerment, Otunba Moyinolorun Ogunwumiju (OMO), the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ondo State House of Assembly and Honorable Member representing Ondo West Constituency 1, commissioned a new Constituency Office Annex in Yaba, Ondo.

This strategic initiative aims to bolster support for small-scale businesses across all six wards within the constituency.

The event, which drew a diverse crowd of local business owners, community leaders, and enthusiastic residents, was marked by a ceremonial ribbon-cutting, speeches, and an atmosphere of celebration. Otunba Ogunwumiju, in his address, highlighted the significance of the new office in enhancing accessibility to governmental support and resources for small-scale enterprises.

“This Constituency Office Annex is not just a building; it represents our commitment to fostering economic growth and empowering our people,” Otunba Ogunwumiju stated. “Small-scale businesses are the backbone of our local economy, and it is imperative that we provide them with the necessary tools and support to thrive.”

The establishment of the office is part of a broader initiative aimed at driving sustainable economic development in Ondo West Constituency 1. The office will serve as a resource hub, offering business advisory services, access to microcredit facilities, and various forms of support tailored to the needs of small-scale entrepreneurs.

Local business owner Adebayo Adekunle expressed his enthusiasm about the new office. “This is a welcome development for us,” he said. “Having a dedicated office where we can seek guidance and support will go a long way in helping our businesses grow and succeed.”

Community leaders also lauded the initiative, noting its potential to stimulate economic activity and improve the standard of living for residents. “Otunba Ogunwumiju has always been a champion for the people, and this new office is a testament to his unwavering commitment to our community,” remarked Chief Oladimeji Adedayo, a prominent figure in the constituency.

The commissioning of the Constituency Office Annex is expected to be the first of many efforts by Otunba Ogunwumiju to enhance economic opportunities and foster community development. His proactive approach to governance and dedication to the welfare of his constituents continue to set a positive example for other public officials.

As the new office opens its doors, it promises to be a beacon of hope and progress for small-scale businesses and the wider community in Ondo West Constituency 1.

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