Olupenmen of Upenmen Seeks Partnership With Diaspora To Drive Development

The Olupenmen of Upenmen in Owo local government, His Royal Majesty Oba Adewumi Ebenezer Ogunmolasuyi has urged members of the Upenmen community who are living outside of Nigeria (in the diaspora) to return to their hometown and contribute to its development.

He made this appeal while speaking with prominent members of the community in Paris.

Oba Ogunmolasuyi emphasized the importance of community development and the need for collective effort to achieve progress.

He highlighted various areas that require attention, such as infrastructure, education, and healthcare, and encouraged Upenmen indigenes in the diaspora to share their skills and resources to address these challenges.

The monarch also announced plans to establish a diaspora office to facilitate communication and collaboration between the community at home and abroad.

The monarch expressed his vision for Upenmen to become a model community in Nigeria, and appealed to his audience to join hands with him to achieve this goal.

The meeting in Paris was attended by prominent Upenmen indigenes, including business leaders, professionals, and academics.

They pledged their support for the monarch’s initiative and expressed their willingness to contribute to the development of their community.

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