In the mood of celebrating the birth of Jesus christ, our Lord and saviour, the headship of  RCCG ondo prov 6 at its mother church The Rock Cathedral led and ushered his entire congregation for year 2023 Xmas carol.

The event which was historic and colourful  reflected  the joy of the season as it features varying songs of adoration from the Teens, youth, Redeemers men fellowship,Good women and the mass choir.

In his opening remark, the chairman of the 2023 Xmas Carol committee, Dr.Akinbola A. appreciated God for the gift of life and welcome all to the service of songs for a Christmas that will fetch us harvest of miracles.

Lessons were read from various chapters of the bible on the relevance of the birth as well as  in inspiring songs for the real purpose of Redemption.The event marked variety of Drama and cultural  shows by worshippers .

To reflect the essence of the birth of Jesus christ Pastor Goke Aniyeloye the Assistant Pastor in RCCG Regional 39 and the helmsman in RCCG Ondo Prov 6 admonished the audience to exhibit love in all our daily interactions.

He opined that anyone giving to praises will definitely harvest their miracles.The clergy cited Jehoshaphat in 2Chronicles chapter 20 verse 17 as a passage for emulation.

He drew his message from Mark 10: 46 to 52 where the mercies of God paved way for an instant joy.He , then, decreed that year 2024 shall be an embodiment of miracles to those who hold fast and look unto the saviour that we all gathered to celebrate his birth.

God in his mercies loved us and gave us Jesus christ and in the same spirit Jesus loved us and gave us the comforter who will teach us how to do all things.

 He affirmed that Jesus  Christ came to give us abundant life and any life outside christ ends in crisis.

The Xmas carol was graced by all ministers ,workers,visitors and worshippers in RCCG ondo Prov 6 and beyond Jesus is beautiful in all situations as we look unto him because he is ever dependable, trustworthy and reliable. 

May the season offers us divine repositioning and  joyful Xmas.

Jesus is lord.

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