By Gbenga Akinmoyo

The scriptures are very clear on the subject of Knowledge and they state that, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”- Hosea 4 v6.

There is absolutely no ambiguity in the emphatic statement that the people need to acquire knowledge to avoid destruction.

Therefore, I’m calling on all my good people of Idanre and Ifedore local government areas in Ondo State, collectively referred to as the Idanre/Ifedore Federal Constituency, which is just one out of the 360 federal constituencies in the entire country.

The voice of your MHR is going to be one voice amongst 360 others all competing for scarce national resources and dividends to come to their own constituency. Akure MHR will not speak for Odode; Ilaje MHR cannot speak for Igbara-Oke; Owo MHR cannot speak for Alade/Atosin, Akoko MHR will not speak for Ilara or Ijare communities; each MHR must jealously paddle his own canoe.

There is no room as MHR to hide behind others; if you don’t shout loudest in this game, sadly your constituency will be short-changed.

Our MHR is not a member of the Executive organ who is going to Abuja to implement programmes and policies. On the contrary, he is going there as a national Legislator to make laws for the whole country with Idanre/Ifedore being his main priority.

We must collectively elect an Advocate not a Puppet, void of any sentiment or compromise.

More than ever before, experience of the hallowed chambers being the operating terrain; personal skills and versatility in manoeuvring legislative practices and procedures are critical to the choice we will make. That is the truth we must know.

Don’t just vote MHR because he is a nice man or because your leader said so. Vote the man who you believe has the temerity and aptitude to deliver this special assignment.

This is not about local politics in Idanre, Ifedore or Akure, nor is it about markets and boreholes or Empowerment programmes. Neither is it about going to Abuja to make up the numbers, collect sitting allowances and warm the benches. This is about real serious business at national level that has severe consequences for all of us over the next 4 years in our constituency.

Choose wisely!
Vote wisely for our MHR in 2023.

Hon GaRo writes from Idanre.

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