Ayu Must Go Saga: Sunday Menukuro Adewale Writes Open Letter To Atiku, PDP Leaders

By John Kayode

I Sunday Menukuro Adewale, a politician, social critic, analyst, philosopher, PDP stalwart, ADR personnel, Chairman, Ilaje Ese Odo Renaissance Group, legal minded officer and a notable politician in Ondo State, congratulate your Excellency as the candidate of the PDP.

Any politician in any political divide in Ondo State who does not know me nor heard of my name is not doing politics of this Sunshine State. This is to say that Sunday Menukuro is fast becoming a house hold name in the state.

Having said this, I want to wholeheartedly appeal to Your Excellency, our presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, our National Chairman, Senator Iyiocha Ayu and other leaders of the PDP to let us do everything possible to win the forthcoming election.

By saying everything possible, I meant that we must concede anything just for us to win, because, there is nothing to share in zero.

It is no more news that APC has lost face and honour in this country, but we must put our house in order to send them packing once and for all.

Therefore, I appeal to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Senator Ayu, NWC, BOT and other PDP leaders to concede the chairmanship of the party to the southwest for us to be able to win this election with ease.

I agree with the position of the agitators of the southwest that party chairmanship should come to the south. I believe that it is the best to do in this circumstance, because there is nothing we can use to campaign to our people where the candidate of the devilish APC comes from.
I am of the knowledge that the fucked up party called APC does not want this crisis to be solved so that they can capitalize on that, but I am sure they will be completely disappointed the moment this crisis is resolved.

Sir, you are at liberty to give Senator Iyiocha Ayu whatever you want when you become president, but if we refused to do the needful may be counterproductive, and being grandstanding will not take us anywhere.

I wish to say this clearly, that I do not belong to any faction in Ondo State, all the factors in Ondo State, if they exist would bear me witness.

I am doing and saying all these for the love I have for our party in order for our party to win, because as I said earlier, there is nothing to share in zero.

Thank you sir.
Sunday Menukuro Adewale
Chairman, Ilaje Ese Odo Renaissance Group, etc

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