As we approach a solemn week with the final burial rites of our late governor, we not only prepare to pay our respects to the Late. Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, but also to embrace the opportunity that lies ahead for meaningful engagements across our beloved state.

This period marks a significant moment for us all, as we converge in unity and purpose. While we reflect on the legacy left behind by our late governor, we also look forward with determination to the work that lies ahead.

Project AYOTIDE is more than a campaign; it’s a movement grounded in our shared vision for progress and prosperity. This is our time to make a difference, to bring about the change we’ve long desired, and to work collectively toward victory.

In the coming days, we will be involved in strategic meetings and engagements which will be critical to our success. I urge you all, as key players in this endeavor, to prepare for an active and pivotal role in these events. Your leadership and commitment are the backbone of our collective effort, and your influence is the catalyst for our anticipated success.

Please liaise with your respective Senatorial and Local Government teams to ensure readiness to partake in all scheduled activities. We must be organized, persistent, and enthusiastic as we spread the message of Project AYOTIDE and garner the support needed to realize our goals.

Your tireless work does not go unnoticed, and I am confident that together we will surmount any challenge and celebrate the triumphs that await us. Let us honor the memory of our late governor by dedicating ourselves to the betterment of our state and the success of Project AYOTIDE.

Together, we will bring home the victory. Let’s make this mission a testament to our unity and strength.

Thank you for your dedication and readiness to serve. I look forward to our collaborative efforts in the days ahead.

Warm regards,

Amb. Dr. Victor Ayodeji Oritedi

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