NGO condemns call for dismissal of Army Logistics Officer, Major General Akerejola …Says Call For Dismissal Baseless, Heartless

A non governmental organisation, Dynamic Patriotic Citizens Foundation has condemned the recent call for the dismissal of the Army Logistics Officer, Major General Erema Akerejola by a non governmental organisation known as Center for Social Justice Equity and transparency, CSJET.

The NGO in a statement jointly signed by the group’s Director of Research, documentation and evaluation, Comrade Gani Muhammed and Director of Orientation and Mobilization, Sunday Alpheus Orji on Wednesday, describes the call by the group as baseless and heartless

The foundation further stated that the call for the dismissal of the army officer is an attempt to distract an hardworking public servant.

“We are the Dynamic Patriotic Citizens Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization that is out to encourage hard working and patriotic Citizens working diligently, with patriotism, in serving the Nation Nigeria.

“We are always on the field as watchdog to monitor Nigerians in positions of authority; with the aim of bringing out the best in them, by encouraging them to focus on their jobs with seriousness and condemn anyone found to be unpatriotic in the service of the Nation.

“We have monitored recent News making the round as regards one Major General Erema Akerejola of the Nigerian Army Headquarters, Abuja and are therefore compelled to make this Press Release to condemn in strong terms the attempts by faceless individuals and groups masquerading as Non Governmental Organizations NGO to blackmail, demean and defame the character and integrity of a hardworking, patriotic Military Office including sponsoring negative press releases and unsubstantiated allegations against his person and his family.

“As an NGO that has been profiling and monitoring the Nigerian Army vis a vis the fight against insurgents in Nigeria, we have observed that his traducers have resulted to this incessant harassment, sheer blackmail and a deliberate attempt to rub his image in the mud and to weep up sentiments against him through the usual traditional and social media trial and conviction without real trial which is with the ultimate aim of bringing him down when all attempts to hoodwink him into negotiating and giving them money has failed and with the aim of easing him out of office with ignominy.

“These same people have gone ahead with their sinister motives by sponsoring damaging and defamatory report against General Erema Akerejola through an online media the same set of people suspected to be working in cahoots have gone ahead in their act of blackmail by publishing a defamatory news item using another media organisation 6th February, 2024; through another news report of their co-opted felon called Centre for Social Justice Equity and Transparency (CSJET) which is equally a Non Governmental Organization.

“The recent mischief of Centre for Social Justice Equity and Transparency (CSJET) is not only reprehensible, but condemnable when it is gleaned from a reasonable man’s standard.

“We wish to call on the general public through your mediums and media organizations to disregard the antics of these mischief makers, seeking cheap popularity to bring the reputation of Major General Akerejola to disrepute and reduce his status in integrity in the estimation of the public.

“Lastly, we wish to assure the general public that the last has not been heard about this matter as we are sure that the General at the center of it all will seek legal redress to dissuade this traducers and those sailing in the same ship that not everyone can succumb to blackmail; and ridicule through their failed attempts at painting him black with the aim of making the Nigerian Army to sack him and therefore taking his job through the backdoor.

“This Press Release is needed in the circumstance to expose the antics of some corrupt and desperate Nigerians whose game is to use blackmail and ridicule to ease patriotic and hard working citizens out of their jobs so as to get it through the back door”, the statement reads.

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