Ologbese Berates Ajisafe Over His Attack On Ondo Acting Governor

The Coordinator of Advocacy For Good Governance and All Progressive Congress APC Chieftain in Ondo State, Otunba Dele Ologbese, has strongly berated Barrister Sola Ajisafe over his rantings and attacks on the Acting Governor of the State, Hon. Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

Ologbese said it’s preposterous, diversionary and distractive for Ajisafe to be saying the Acting Governor wanted to reshuffle the cabinet, adding that it’s the prerogative of Acting Governor to take appropriate decisions that will impact positively on wellbings of the people of the state without looking back.

He counseled Ajisafe to join the progressive train in their drives towards taking Ondo State to higher grounds in all spheres of equitable socio-economic growths and developments and stops reveling in chronic illusions or imaginations.

The Coordinator of Advocate for Good Governance added that the latest outburst from a supposedly human rights activist was wilful act which speaks volumes of continued desperation of a few self seeking elements within and outside corridors of power to cause another rounds of crisis in the state after their failed bid at running State’s affairs by proxy.

According to him, “We find these unsolicited public outbursts as clear attempts of power-hungry cabals distracting the acting Governor’s good intentions at transforming Ondo into economically viable State within the shortest possible time through his pupilist ideals or activities.

“By my little knowledge or understanding of law and most importantly Section 190 of Nigeria’s constitution, once Governor Akeredolu had transmitted power to the Deputy Governor before proceeding on his medical tour to Germany through a letter written to the State House of Assembly, by implication, he had duly transferred all his powers and responsibilities to him without any encumbrances and in his capacity as acting governor he’s empowered to unconditionally use his executive powers in taking appropriate actions and steps, which can improve governance in the state pending returns of his boss from his medical leave in Germany.

It’s unexpected of Barrister Ajisafe to crudely counsel the acting governor not to reshuffle the cabinet after power had unconditionally been transmitted to him by Mr. Governor to act for him in his absence.

“If the appointees haven’t committed any blunder which could warrant their sack or redeployment from their present offices to other areas of need in the best interests of the State, why is Ajisafe crying wolf or jittery over nothing or how reasonable is it for him to start promoting retention of public officials who have used their respective positions in defacing political spaces through their desperation to rule by all crook means.

It’s politics taking too far for anybody to suggest that the acting governor with his vested powers as entrenched in Nigeria’s constitution can not take divisive decisions in restructuring the government and even the party for optimal results.

It will definitely be a right step in the right direction for the Acting governor not to listen to any side talks in taking proactive actions at cleaning all despicable rots in the two tiers of governments in the State through instant removal or redeployment of those constituting clogs in the wheels of progress of the state in the last ten months or so.

“Of course for Ondo State to witness perpetual peace and unfettered socioeconomic developments and to free itself from political opportunism, avarice, nepotism and high levels grafts alleged to have committed through forging of Mr Governor’s signatures and other illegal actions, Acting Governor had no option than to swing into actions in restructuring this administration for efficiency through timely removals or redeployment of political appointees involved in alleged pilfering of tax payers funds perfected through massive forging of Governor’s signatures.”

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