“Otunba Adefemi Adebomi Champions Ekiti Cultural Heritage on Global Stage, Advocates for Sustainability at AMOMO Oraye Festival”

In a resounding call for the preservation and promotion of Ekiti indigenous traditional festivals, Otunba Adefemi Adebomi took center stage during the recent AMOMO Oraye Festival in Ise-Ekiti. Using the esteemed presence of His Royal Majesty, Oba David Ayodele Adetunji Ajayi, Aweloye II, as a focal point, Otunba Adebomi commended kings throughout Ekiti state for their commendable role as custodians of Yoruba cultural heritage in the region.

With a fervent commitment to the cause, Otunba Adebomi highlighted his substantial financial investment, amounting to millions of naira, dedicated to the promotion of Ekiti’s cultural heritage both within the homeland and beyond its borders. Notably, his efforts have reached as far as the Philippines, Istanbul, China, and various other countries where the Ekiti people have left their cultural imprint.

This laudable initiative underscores Otunba Adefemi Adebomi’s unwavering dedication to sustaining and projecting the rich tapestry of Ekiti’s cultural traditions, fostering a deep sense of pride and awareness at home and on the global stage.

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