UGRFP Calls For Truce In Israel/ Palestine Conflict … Charges UN,U.S To Find Lasting Solution

The United Global Resolve for Peace (UGRFP) has called on the International Community and Specifically, the United Nations and the United State of America, to find lasting solution to the protracted conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The Chairman, United Global Resolve for Peace(UGRFP), Mr Shalom Olaseni in a statement signed and made available to Newsmen said “our  organisation stand with unwavering concern and urgency to address the escalating Israel/Palestine conflict, now further compounded by the dangerous dimension introduced by Hamas. We express our deep distress at the unfolding humanitarian crisis, which poses an imminent threat to global peace and security.”

Olaseni added that the recent developments, fueled by Hamas’ actions, have pushed the region to the brink of catastrophe.

According to him, “We cannot ignore the harrowing consequences of this conflict on the lives of innocent civilians, whose suffering knows no boundaries. The world must recognize that this is not a localized issue; it is a global crisis with ramifications far beyond the Middle East”.

“UGRFP urgently calls upon the international community, and specifically, the United Nations and the United State of America, to lead the way in seeking a lasting solution to this protracted conflict. We implore the UN and U.S. to engage in diplomatic dialogues with Iran and Saudi Arabia, among other relevant stakeholders, to facilitate a comprehensive peace agreement.” 

 “It is time to prioritize humanity over geopolitical interests and stop using this conflict as a pawn in the proxy war between the U.S. and Iran.”

“The toll on human lives and the suffering endured by countless families in the region demand immediate action. The cries of innocent children, women, and men caught in the crossfire must resonate with every conscience on this planet. We must not allow this conflict to persist, causing further devastation and instability.”

“UGRFP calls upon the nations of the world to unite, to find common ground, and to work tirelessly towards a peaceful resolution to the Israel/Palestine conflict. The time for diplomatic intervention is now. Failure to act will not only perpetuate the suffering of those directly affected but will also cast a dark shadow over the prospects of a harmonious and secure world for generations to come. Let us remember the sanctity of every life at stake and commit ourselves to achieving lasting peace in this troubled region.”

Shalom Olaseni 


United Global Resolve for Peace(UGRFP)

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